dandelionwaves (dandelionwaves) wrote in vaginapagina,

pimple/cyst? between breasts

 HI VPers,
I'd say starting a few months ago, i noticed a small (by small i mean like small pimple size) kind of bump-like pimple right in between my breasts, basically where the band of my bra is where the two cups meet (so potentially a spot that could be exposed to lots of rubbing and irritation, sweat). it was flesh colored and smooth, and it annoyed me, but other than that it was ok. i admit i picked at it a little, but not much happened. as time as gone on, it has seemed to start to dry up, changing in color to pink to more scab like. today i was examining it, as it looked more scab like and dryed than usual, and looking in the mirror it was just such an ugly dot smack in the middle of my boobs. i squeezed it, and a small, dried up, very hard looking tiny rice-like shape emerged, leaving the 'pimple' with a dot of blood.

should i be concerned? i dont know if this is like a typical pimple like thing, because i have pretty clear skin and have never experienced something like this.

thanks so much.
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