s (puddleofglass) wrote in vaginapagina,

pasties for everyday use?

Alright everyone, let's talk about headlights.

I haven't worn a bra in 5 years, but last time I did I was about a 32 A or so, and haven't grown. Anyway, pretty small boobs, godzilla nips. I love them, but now that I've graduated from college, I feel like I need a more "professional" look. I don't want to go back to bras though, since I just feel sick from the band - by the time it'd be loose enough, it wouldn't really function like a bra anymore. So I'm looking for pastie recommendations!! =)

My friend recently said something about silicone nipple covers. I think she mainly wears bras though, and I was wondering if anyone here uses them everyday, instead of a bra. I found these on Amazon:
-Spicy Spot's Nipple Cover
-Nippies Skin Covers - Adhesive
And finally, DIMRS

Of course Amazon has reviews, but some people wore them with a bra, some people reviewed a product that has since been updated and now "satisfaction is guaranteed", and I didn't find many comments about how long they'd all last. I was just wondering if any of you have had any experiences. I'm looking for pasties for the small chested, to be worn without a bra, reasonably priced and hopefully last forever (I'm guessing fat chance on the last one though?). Thoughts on the above, or recs on other brands are all looked forward to! Thanks bunches.
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