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I am currently 8.5 weeks postpartum. Last Friday, I had a Paragaurd IUD inserted.
Since the insertion, my milk supply has really seemed to have taken a nose dive. I've gone from being able to pump 5 oz. off my left breast, 3-4oz. off my right breast in the morning, to about 3 oz. off of each. The evening has me barely able to get 1.5 oz. a breast, whereas before 2-3 oz. was easy. My milk is also not letting down as well. The milk would flow easily, and only take about 15 (five of which was really more "let's see what I can get...." than real flow) minutes, whereas now it's taking 20.
In researching, it does semm that around 6-8 weeks post partum the milk supply evens out, and that the breasts go from felling firm and full to soft (but still full).
The thing that bothers me is that this was a rather sudden, the very next day changes were noticed type thing.
The only other change as of late is that my son has been sleeping much longer in the night, up to 6 hours at a stretch.
To those of you who breastfeed your babies, did you notice a change in breast "softness" (for lack of a better descriptor) after a couple of months of breastfeeding? Did you notice a change in supply after a certain amount of time?
To those of you who have had a Paragaurd instered postpartum, did you notice a change in your milk supply?
I'm not sure if manipulating the cervix could have hormonal issues, and this is a temporary thing, or if this is my body being screwy.
I'm also a tad concerned because there was a Mirena in the room, as well. I don't want to go calling my OBGYN and going "So, the right IUD was inserted, right?", without making sure that this isn't just something that is mearly a factor of time or cervical manipulation.
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