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What acts like a bladder infection but is not a bladder infection?

Hi all.  I have been having some troubles for about three weeks now and would love any insight.

I started a new job three weeks ago after being unemployed for six months.  On the second day of the job, while at work, I started getting a burning sensation down below.  I also found myself feeling the urge to pee frequently and only passing a bit of urine each time, and that rather painfully.  Sounds like your average bladder infection, right?  It came and went (and now looking back I see it was mainly happening while at work), so I waited about five days to see the doctor.  He tested my urine, said it was abnormal and there was blood, so he gave me Macrobid for three days.

At the end of the three days I was still having the same symptoms off and on, so I called the doc again and got a different antibiotic for another three days.  After that round was done, I was STILL having symptoms.  They sent my urine off to have a sensitivity test performed and meanwhile put me on a week's worth of a third antibiotic.  The results came back Monday: urine was normal, no infection.

Problem is, I am still having pain and burning and the frequent need to urinate.  The odd part is it mainly happens when I am at work.  I work a retail job where I am running around all the time, constantly sweaty, and I have to wear a thick polo shirt tucked in to khaki pants.  I don't know if any of that could contribute to the symptoms.  When I get home and change into light cotton pants the symptoms are alleviated.

My mother has suggested it might be a yeast infection, so I bought some Monistat and used the first tube last night.  Does anyone else have any ideas what might be causing these symptoms?  It's hard for me to work efficiently when they keep happening.

Other information: My boyfriend and I have been monogamous for a year and a half, always use condoms, and he was a virgin before me.  The only other person I had sex with was also a virgin, and we also used condoms.  The chance of an STD is very low.  I use NuvaRing, which I have read can sometimes cause yeast infections or aggravate bladder infections.

Thanks for any help!
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