Famontra (famontra) wrote in vaginapagina,

Of Roommates and Vibrators

Obvious mouse account here to ask what sort of etiquette there is regarding masturbating when you have roommates?

I'm going off to college this fall and while I would like to continue my self-pleasuring habits, I don't know if it's totally taboo to do anything with others in the room. (Asleep, I don't plan on giving them a floor show.) It's not my reactions I'm worried about, I've always been very quiet, but rather the noise level of my toys. I suppose I can always hop in a late-night shower, but trying to get off while standing up has never gotten me anywhere so far.

With this in mind, does anyone have recommendations for cheap, super quiet vibrators? Waterproof is a plus, especially if those showers end up become a reality.

Thanks for any help!
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