i like to sing and drink gin. (crommelynk) wrote in vaginapagina,
i like to sing and drink gin.

okay. so heres the deal....

my boyfriend and i had sex right before i was supposed to get my period. the condom broke. blah blah blah. i took plan b. now here i am, two weeks late...

the first week i was late was absolute hell. my breasts were so sore... i was an emotional wreck and i felt exhausted. i also had very LIGHT spotting. these seemed to be outside of the normal scope of how i feel before i get my period so i decided to take an early detection pregnancy test. it said that i wasn't pregnant- so i breathed a sigh of relief, and later that night i started to get a little bit of spotting so i figured good sign right?

well... now i'm on the second week, no period. the spotting has continued and i'm still emotional and now i have bad cramps that come and go through out the day. i also had one instance of spotting that contained a small red clot, which is usual for me during my period. i have super heavy periods with little "chunks" (not to get graphic here... but i feel like categorically speaking a clot is a big thing, when a chunk is little) which is why i've been so surprised by this light spotting i've had. i have genuinely FELT like i was going to get my period for two weeks and i've just had this major disappointment! i mean... its not even enough to show up on a pad, but just enough to show up like, when i clean myself after i urinate or something...

anyway i'm incredibly worried that this is implantation bleeding or something and i'm in the throes of early pregnancy. i made an appointment with an OB/GYN but it isn't until next week. i have also read that plan b can have an effect on your cycle and all of that jazz, so needless to say i'm incredibly confused.

hopefully someone out there can give me some good advice!

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