kaylomags (kaylomags) wrote in vaginapagina,

Bleeding and HBC

This month on the 1st day of my period I started NuvaRing, which is my first HBC since I was 16. I always got sick from it. Recently I wanted to try again and so I tried the ring. Around the 4th day on it, my nausea and diarrea got really bad so I took it out. My period continued its last day sludge and stopped. About 3 days later I started bleeding again. My period is normally thick and clotty and this is pure liquid. I literally stand up and it pours out. I'm bleeding through super tampons and pads and I don't see why. I didn't think there would have been enough of the hormones to bleed at all but this is worse than my normal period. Any suggestions on what to do??
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