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Varicose Veins?

This is probably a strange question/concern.

This is as good as I can get. This picture is the area right under my breast, my rib cage protruding out slight in the right-middle ish of the picture. Just above the rib is a slight pink pigmentation and that appears to look like spiderveins irl. Except they are pink and they go into a circular motion clockwise down to the left side of my body.

I wouldn't have noticed this probably except for the past day+ I have had weird cramp/pain that feels like it is under my rib cage/around that area. My husband suggested maybe it is varicose veins. He even had a hard time seeing it. But I can see it well and I know that I've been feeling pain in that exact area of the dark pigmentation. Its probably easier to see if you make the image smaller or step back. lol I swear I'm not crazy!! My camera just isnt good enough.. ok so back to my point on this post.

Varicose veins? I know my mother had them bad and especially on her legs..

With the veins, I did have a time before where the right side looked bruised (same area, under the right breast) and I just assumed it was how I sat at a chair and my breasts not having any support so the weight was on my cage for a prolonged period of time.. maybe that was why it strted to bruise and hurt. (I'm anemic also-dunno if this works into the equation). So I'm just really concerned because this area under the breast does hurt. And when I move it hurts, and it doesn't matter if I am laying down though I try to often. Thoughts anyone?
Am I just a crazy paranoid person? I'll take that. =/

In an unrelated story that has been concerning me:
I also have been having some weird red itchy patches on my legs(mostly from the knee-to ankle area) which makes me feel it might just be bug bites if I am outside but I'm really not out all that often.. so Idk what these itchy spots on my legs are. They get really irritated to the point where it feels like I sloughed off a layer of skin if I scratched it..

I could just be paranoid about this though also. I used to go to camps for my job a month or so ago but I don't spend too much time outside now. I dont know why my skin itches so bad, and why no mosquito bites show up after its been scratched for awhile. If they do make bumps, its usually small red bumps that go away after awhile. Also good to note: I didn't put sunblock on my legs all that often this summer.
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