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BV- again!

Shinya's at it again. 
I doubt that he was even rid of it, to start with.

There was one particular post on here that had a lot of methods for helping with BV.
Peroxide, I usually use-- vinegar, too. 

My question is about the Vitamin C.  I have some, but I am concerned that it will do more harm, than good, to insert it.  I can take it, sure, but insertion? 

'With rose hips,' the bottle says.  I'm not sure how safe I feel, at all, and especially not seeing the word 'with.'
Can I take use it, vaginally?

I'm tempted to get a garlic supplement and take it, but I would like to know about the Vitamin C, as well.
Should I give that a shot?

Thanks, in advance.
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