pretendworld_ (pretendworld_) wrote in vaginapagina,

unusual symptoms?

I've been on Estelle 35-ED for about two years or so, for the past three months I've been on Brenda (which is the same pill, different name - slightly cheaper) and I've taken the pill for three months in a row (almost at the end of the third pack) and I've had bleeding for over two weeks now. I've had pretty sore boobs also and I'm certain they've grown. I had horrific pain in my left breast today, sort of going into my arm pit also. It's not a muscle strain...I've barely moved in the past two weeks as I've had the flu and a throat infection. I'm a 34B and was recently fitted as a 34C (which I've never been in my whole life) and I'm 22. Are these symptoms anything major to be concerned with? I think I'm due for my actual period in about 9 - 11 days time and I'm so fed up with bleeding already?
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