dubois (dubois) wrote in vaginapagina,

Vaginal odor like cat pee?

Hi everyone,

This morning when I was in the shower and getting dressed I kept noticing a smell that was almost like cat urine. I drove myself crazy trying to find the source, I thought maybe my cat had peed in my laundry and it was coming from my clothes. Well I just went to the bathroom and while peeing discovered that the smell was coming from my vagina. Soo, wtf? 

This is really unsettling and embarrassing. I've never had this happen before and I haven't been doing anything different than I usually do... I eat well, have good hygiene, etc. My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex a few times recently which is the only thing I can think of? I am totally at a loss and not sure what to do. I plan on scheduling an appointment to get it checked out as soon as I can, but I figured I'd post here just to maybe put my mind at ease until then.

And for further clarification, I am on the pill - ortho novum, and I take 20mg of citalopram daily, just in case that might matter. And I have had a yeast infection before, and this is not a yeast infection.

Any ideas? :/ Sorry for posting under a puppet account but I am (understandably, I hope) embarrassed. Thanks in advance.
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