The Upper Hand (labellavitaxo) wrote in vaginapagina,
The Upper Hand

Recurring YIs

Hey girls,

I've already read the FAQ here and countless other google search results but nothing is helping me! For months now I've gotten a yeast infection after every single period. It usually happens in the first week after my period. I don't always have the intense itching and burning but I always have the smell and discharge. I am on the pill (a generic version of Loestrin 24fe) so I guess that could be causing it but I was on the pill for a year before I got any yeast infections. I'm away at college and unfortunately can't get home to see my gyno about it but how can I stop these YIs from happening EVERY month?!?? I'm just worried about any long-term damage that can happen (not to mention how uncomfortable it is). I was wondering if you guys knew any ways to cure the actual infection instead of just the symptoms. Thanks so much in advance
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