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Kidney pain due to birth control pills?

Dear VP,

I have been having aching pain in the right side of my back, specifically located behind my bellybutton but about an inch or two from my spinal cord radiating to my right side. My assumption due to internet research and "intuition" is kidney related pain. Also, I didn't start feeling this type of pain until i began taking the monophasic pill, Lutera which was 6 months ago and I've been having this pain since then.

It hurts when I wake up in the morning or if i hold my urine in or sometimes after i urinate. Also at night, I've been having to wake up every 2 - 3 hours to urinate (although this could be due to increase liquid intake, but I never had to go so often at night before). Additionally, if I drink with my friends and have 3 cocktails or so ( i know not healthy) the next day I feel this pain, which I never noticed before). Sometimes it feels worse than other days and sometimes it feels like its not their, but I also try to pretend its not their so I'm not really sure if its there all the time or not.

I am a  relatively healthy person and don't have any medical conditions other than this one that are alarming, nor do i take prescription medications or over the counter drugs other than my birth control pill.  Also, I did take the birth control pilll for five years and recently stopped about 3 years ago before starting again 6 months ago, however at the time I took the triphasic Ortho Tricyclen Lo.

My questions are:

1) Could this pain and perhaps kidney infection/disease be caused by Lutera?

2) Could this be anything serious?

3) Has anyone else experienced this?

4) Should I go to a Planned Parenthood (I'm afraid I'll get an appointment but they won't be able to do anything about it since I've never heard of them offering services of this type, but I do get my birth control pills here) or should I go to my family practitioner (I don't have health insurance anymore as my job does not offer it and would rather not tell my family about my pain or the pill)?


In Pain & Worried
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