Beccasaurus Rex (kyos_the_schmex) wrote in vaginapagina,
Beccasaurus Rex

lumps in the vulva region

for a while, i've been noticing a weird, sort-of numb feeling on one sideof my outer labia, while walking.  i would go to the nearest bathroom and try and see if i could get some feeling back into it, and usually the weirdness would subside.  a few days ago, i noticed a small but painful bump on my inner labia, probably about pea-sized, but more prominent, it sticks out quite a bit. 

yesterday, i noticed a pain that felt like i'd pulled my groin, which was possible from some heavy lifting i'd done volunteering at a local thrift store.  however, when i went to feel around and try to deduce what was actually going on, i found a medium-sized lump where my leg ends and my vulva begins, and another lump directly between that and the smaller bump.  all three are quite painful.  sitting with my legs closed, walking, basicalyl everything is affected.

i have an appointment with a gynecologist on thursday, but i was wondering if anyone had ever experienced anything like this.  i am freaking out, and my mom doesn't believe me because i won't let her see or touch them.. so any advice or ANYTHING would be greatly appreciated.

thanks in advance, ladies, you are wonderful.

ETA:  they are under the skin, besides theone on my  inner labia
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