meowhimeow (meowhimeow) wrote in vaginapagina,

Tea tree oil for yeast infection

I'm fully experiencing the pain and annoyance of having a yeast infection. 
I was told I had one about a month ago and given medication but I didn't think it went away...then I got my period, so I just couldn't tell.

Anndddd now...I certainly have one. I realized it's being caused by my on and off again use of Tetracyline. 

So, I got a generic medicine thing at the store. A tube to put up there and shoot the cream stuff in.
Now it says that I should be seeing relief in like three days, but it hurts :[ so I was wondering about tee tree oil....

I have a bottle of it and I looked it up but was confused by what exactly to do since it's supposedly for external use only but when reading it said to put it on a tampon. 
Could someone help clarify for me what to do?

And another thing...I should be getting my period like tonight/tomm. and it says not to use tampons while using this medicine. And i can understand not using it right away with all that medicine up there...but if it's like two days after it's been inserted, would I still need to use pads instead of tampons?



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