violet1995 (violet1995) wrote in vaginapagina,

A Bad Idea??

Ok guys,  this is something that happened to me and I wonder if I made a bad choice or what.  I have been dating this guy for a few weeks, I'm 24, he's 19, yea he's younger!  And I have never been into anyone so much! Like I can't be apart from him. Well initially when we had sex we used a condom, but last night we just felt such an overpowering urge to be one without a condom between us and while we were making love I just kept telling him to basically cum into me, at that time I coudln't care less about getting pregnant or anything else.... and he did cum, i think in total through the night he came 4 times.  In the morning I felt no regrets, and I still don't. I know I can get pregnant, but I don't mind, it has never happened to me before.... idk am I going crazy?? Has anything like that happened to you girls? May be I can relate?? Dying to know:)
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