sweet_far_thing (sweet_far_thing) wrote in vaginapagina,

ovarian cyst removal (post surgery questions)

i had a large cyst laproscopically removed from my ovary on tuesday, three days ago. large, as in 8.5 cm. ovaries are about the size of a walnut and mine was the size of a large orange.

i understand that bleeding is normal, probably especially because it was so big, but has anyone had this procedure? how long did you bleed for? i'm not really worried about it, but it's difficult for me to bend down and change my pad, so the sooner it stops, the better!

also, how long was the recovery period for you? i'm not allowed to drive at all, lift heavy stuff, etc until i am cleared by the surgeon in two weeks. i would like to go back to work asap, but i'm worried it'll take more than the two weeks. i can't really afford to be out of work right now.

anything i can do to speed up the recovery process, besides taking it easy and resting a lot?

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