littletuxedomen (littletuxedomen) wrote in vaginapagina,

possible drug interaction?

hi VP-ers :)

thanks so much for the help the previous posts, having an irregular period makes for quite a number of pregnancy scares >_<

and now... i'd just like to ask: if i am taking norethisterone to delay a period, could i take evening primrose oil at the same time to help allieviate PMS symptoms..? or would that cause the norethisterone to be less effective in the period-delaying..? just wondering, because google doesn't seem to turn up results about the both of them possibly interacting with each other.

also, my doctor prescribed 5mg norethisterone 3x a day to be taken a WEEK before my period is due, but the general internet consensus seems to be that starting 3-4 days before the period is expected is sufficient, as well as taking the tablet twice a day. i'm not too keen on being on a high dosage of this for too long, as previously taking this to delay a period for a number of days made my subsequent period rather hell-ish. at the moment i'm only looking it to delay a couple of days, so i'd like to take it for a total of only 5 days as compared to the 10 days of pills my doctor prescribed. any advice on this...?

thank you in advance for your help <3 :D
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