as_a_ghost (as_a_ghost) wrote in vaginapagina,

Change in Smell/pH after YI?

Hi all.

About three weeks ago I was diagnosed with a yeast infection, treated it, had symptoms disappear, and resumed sex with boyfriend a little over two weeks ago. The thing is, I smell kind of - acidic? - down there now, and while it's not entirely unpleasant, it's not normal for me. I've also noticed bf not going down on me with anywhere near the frequency/gusto that he usually does, so I'm sure I'm not the only one aware of this :/ (we're usually very open about talking sex, but neither of us have brought it up.)

I haven't had this happen post-YI. I'm on non-hormonal BC (well, looow hormonal - the mirena), and my health is otherwise totally fine. Is this common and I've just been missing out? Is this go-to-a-doctor worthy?

TIA y'all!
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