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Bruised Cervix?

Hi ladies :)

Since Sunday morning I've been experiencing pretty bad cramps. They feel exactly like menstrual cramps, but my period isn't due for about 2 more weeks and there has been no blood, so I have ruled out an early period as the cause. My discharge is slightly thicker than it normally is, but is the same colour as always/doesn't smell unusual. Apart from this, everything seems to be fine.

However, these cramps are extremely painful, and have lasted for 5 straight days now. I've taken painkillers which does help for a while but once they wear off, the cramps come back just as bad as before.

I had sex on Friday night with a new partner. It didn't seem any more rough than I was used to, although it was quite a long session and he was a bit bigger than average. Nothing else in my sex life/general lifestyle has changed this week, so I think this must be related to the cramps somehow. (Also, we used condoms so I'm fairly sure it's not any sort of STI.)

I'm not at home just now so I can't see my doctor for another couple of weeks, so I'm turning to you for a bit of advice! I did a bit of googling and there wasn't a lot of useful information I could find, but I think I may have a bruised cervix. Do you think this is the case, or does it sound like something else?

Any ideas how long these cramps will last or ways to speed up recovery? How long should I avoid sex for, and any tips for preventing it happening again? I don't want to have to spend another week dosed up on painkillers in front of the TV with a hot water bottle!

Thank you! xx
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