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How strange would an early period be?

My period shows up every 29-34 days, typically. In June, it showed up outside that range for the first time in two years (37 days). This month, it seems like it may show up on day 27 or 28. Pregnancy is unlikely. My period came on time last month (day 32) and I've only had protected sex (condoms, but no HBC) in the last month during fairly 'safe' times (no sex five days before or five days after ovulation). My last period started July 16. I had sex on 7/22, 7/24, and 8/7 (it was really hot and humid here and we don't have air conditioning, haha). The only date I'm possibly concerned about would be 7/24 (day nine of my cycle), but there were no condom mishaps. I believe I ovulated around day 14-15.

If my period shows up early and is normal in terms of flow and duration, should I still test for pregnancy?

I've been very stressed out because of not knowing when, where or how my fiance and I are moving (as in, we might be moving 2000 miles away to San Francisco, but we don't know when/our lease here is ending/we're moving our stuff into a storage unit/I'm moving home/we don't know when we'd leave for SF or where we'd live... everything's up in the air).

My period has come late because of stress before, but never early and my cycle has never been as short as 27-28 days. Then again, I know I don't have the most regular cycle since it bounces around from 29-34 days.
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