cantankerous (misledyouth00) wrote in vaginapagina,

EMBARRASSING Birth Control Questions

 So I have a bad illness now and my dr. straight up told me that I NEED to be on some sort of birth control until I can get the disease managed because pregnancy would absolutely make everything concerning that worse. I was having irregularity problems anyway so it seemed like a win-win.

I just got on Loestrin FE24 and for the entire month that I've been on it, its been making me incredibly nauseous while at the same time incredibly ravenous. I'm constantly starving but unable to eat much as I've been extremely nauseous. It did help the irregularity immediately but by the time I got my period, it made my cramps the worst they've ever been in my entire life, to the point where I've been taking Pamperin daily and was dry heaving at the worst moments. On top of that, I just noticed its making me grow fucking hair ON MY FACE!!! Its slowly been causing excessive hair growth all over but I hadn't really put it together until I noticed it on my fucking face! 

I've been dealing with the separate disease issue since January and nothings really changed on that end so I'm pretty sure its related to the birth control and not the disease medicine. To be sure, the husband and I checked up side effects for the disease and its medicine as well as Loestrin's side effects and everything fit the problems for Loestrin. Also, these things started happening around the same time I started on that. 

I made a gyn appointment for next week but I was wondering if anyone had any experience like this from a birth control method before and if so what they did. I'd also like any suggestions for other forms of birth control that I can bring up to my dr. that'll you know, not make me constantly nauseous and a fucking wolfman. I tried the nuvaring before but it made me gain 30 pounds which I've been unable to shed despite diet and exercise as well as its what threw me into irregularity in the first place so I can't go back on that. I also don't want to go on any IUDs either as we'd like to be able to try for children as soon as my other health problems have been straightened out. In addition to all those other limiting factors, I'm also an epileptic.

Thanks for any and all advice!
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