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Removal of Hymen Tags

My first post here. I searched for this topic in the tags but wasn't able to find anything. I hope I'm not breaking any community rules...

I have hymen tags. A lot of them. As I'm told, basically when my hymen broke it did so very un-uniformly and the result is that I have many rough little tags of tissue around my vulva.

When I was in college, during a routine exam by a nurse practitioner, I got the scare of my life when the nurse was certain that I had genital warts because she had never seen so many hymen tags. A second opinion from a doctor confirmed that they were not genital warts, thank god, but they are still a pain.

They have been a frequent source of discomfort during intercourse, as all the little rough areas create extra friction, and the tags end up being sore and sometimes swollen after sex. It doesn't matter how much lubrication, natural or otherwise, is present. They still get sore.

Several years ago my OBGYN offered to remove one of them to see if it made any difference. She did it as an in-office procedure. Using a spray-on anesthetic, she sliced the tag off with a scalpel and stitched up the wound. The only painkillers she offered me was a scrip for high dosage Ibuprofen. Her new office had just opened and she did not have resorbing stitches in stock yet, so a week later I had to go back and have the stitches pulled out. She did not use any anesthetic this time and I felt every second of it.

I went back to work the day after the procedure and was in awful pain having to stand and walk around all day with stitches in my lady bits. And I couldn't exactly tell my mostly-male group of coworkers why I was tearing up every time I tried to sit down. The whole experience was horrifying, and looking back I can see that this doctor did not make every effort she could to make the procedure comfortable or at least as least painful as possible. She also didn't give me a clear idea on healing time and told me I should be able to do everything that I usually do without much discomfort. I was not surprised to discover recently that my OBGYN was let go from the clinic where she worked.

In any has been years since my first attempt at removing the pesky tags, and I am still having problems with them. I am considering a second attempt at removal since there are many more tags and they are still impeding my ability to have comfortable intercourse with my husband.

I've searched online but haven't been able to find any information on whether there are alternative methods of removing these tags besides just slicing them off with a scalpel.

Does anyone have any information? Have any of you been through this?
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