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Toxic Shock Syndrome

Has anyone ever here experienced Toxic Shock Syndrome? I have almost all of the symptoms besides a rash and nausea/vomiting/intestinal problems, I feel absolutely horrid. I had been having my period and using tampons but upon feeling so sick I have removed the last tampon I was using...I'm scared to go to the ER because my family doesn't have health insurance, it's really awful, but I think I might have to. I fell asleep at around 11:30 eastern time, but woke up at 1:30ish and then 3:30ish and I can't for the life of me fall back to sleep because even in our air conditioned guest room, I feel feverish and my whole body hurts. I'm going to go wake up my mom now, but I was just wondering if any female bodied people here have experienced TSS, and how it was treated. What I don't understand is that I hadn't left any of my tampons in for too long/when they needed to be changed, I changed them.

Send me some good thoughts, please :( Thank you in advance for your responses...
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