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Failed Paragard IUD Insertion

I'm 29, haven't had kids, monogamous, and went in to get a Paragard IUD (after much deliberation).

The Nurse Practitioner wasn't able to get it in after several tries, so she got the Doctor to come in and dilate me (which she says she sometimes has to resort to, since NPs can't dilate and in women that haven't had children, that can be necessary). The Dr. didn't dilate me, but he did do an ultrasound and discovered that my cervix (or uterus, I can't remember) has quite a bend in it, so it is difficult to get the IUD around it. He tried several times to do so, but was unable to. (This whole ordeal hurt quite a legs were shaking uncontrollably...still, though, it was manageable...I just kept telling myself it wasn't as bad as child labor). I can't do hormonal birth control because of an interaction with a drug I'm on, but nevertheless, the doctor recommended that because of the shape of my cervix, until post-childbirth, an IUD should be my last option. I asked him if the shape of my cervix is all that uncommon and he said, no, it's not that uncommon.

What I've learned from this that I would like to pass along to you:
Especially if you haven't had children, ask your NP or doc to do an ultrasound first. I'm glad they finally did an ultrasound instead of continuing to try pushing it in...they could have perforated the uterus.
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