Jordan (paintedblue120) wrote in vaginapagina,

Another one of those "Am I Preggo?" Posts

I know. You probably hate these. And I know you're gonna say I won't know for sure unless I use a test, and I'm going to, but I'm iffy about home tests. So here we go:

I was on LoSeasonique, and then I stopped taking it about a month ago. My last period was almost 3 weeks ago.

My husband and I have been having sex, both with and without a condom even though I stopped taking birth control.

My husband's family has a strong history of... uh... super sperm. (His dad got his mom pregnant while she was on birth control 3 times!!)

I think I already have some symptoms, as crazy as that might sound. I have SUPER sore nipples (when normally you'd have to put them in a vice grip for me to feel anything at all, I now recoil from the slightest touch), my sense of smell and taste is insanely finely tuned, I have to pee A LOT, and I've been having fainting spells and a lot of dizziness, I've been super constipated and gassy, and I'm irritable like crazy. More than usual. Oh and also I've been having dreams about being pregnant and babies.

Personally, I don't think I could have gotten pregnant since I had my period last (although I wouldn't completely rule it out...) , but I do think its possible that I was pregnant before that but still had maybe some spotting or something and I thought it was a normal period because my periods are usually very light? I don't know.

My husband is asleep right now but maybe when he wakes up I'll get him to make a Walgreens run... but I really hate taking those tests because I always get myself all worked up. But I will say that the last time I had all these feelings all at once I was pregnant, but then I lost the baby. So I don't know. Maybe I'm just freaking myself out.

Did anyone else have these types of signs this early after conception???
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