prettyhow_town (prettyhow_town) wrote in vaginapagina,

Messed up birth control

Hey everyone,

I'm using 28-day Kariva birth control and last night I went to take my pill and couldn't find it. So I figured, whatever, one missed pill isn't a big deal, I'll find it tomorrow. Well, today I still couldn't find it. So I just opened up next month's pill pack and took last night's missed pill and today's pill.

Well, right after I took those pills I found the lost pill pack. And then I realized, me being completely stupid, I took the wrong week's pills. I was thinking that I had just finished the second week, so I took the second week's Saturday and the third week's Sunday, when really, I should have taken the third week's Saturday and the fourth week's first placebo pill.

(And my long distance boyfriend was visiting this weekend, so I did stupidly have unprotected sex last night and this morning. Woo.)

Advice?? Sorry if this was a confusing story.

Thanks so much!
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