Q (jriot) wrote in vaginapagina,

Recurring BV

Hey folks,

I'm a 22 y/o transgendered man (female to male). I recently had a pap done that came back as 'inconclusive for BV.' That was three days ago and now I have symptoms - odour, green discharge, itchy and sore. I think I know the problem. I bodybuild and have used protein powders on three seperate occasions, and each time after a week I get BV. It has to be the protein, right? I don't want to stop taking the supplement so I'm wondering, is anything I can do or take along with the powder to stop my pH from going off balance?

Tonight I did a hydrogen peroxide rinse and it worked wonders for the first couple hours. Now I'm itchy and frustrated again. I want antibiotics to be a last resort, and I'm getting there! Input?
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