starzki (starzki) wrote in vaginapagina,

Brazilian waxing questions

Hello VPers!

I looked up waxing in the archives and had a lot of my questions answered, but I still have some more.

I'm (obviously) thinking about getting a Brazilian wax.  For those who have had them done, how soon will the hair start growing back.  I was thinking about getting it done a week before seeing my SO for the first time in two months.  Would 7 days give me new growth, or will I still be "bald"?

Also, is there any hair etiquette that I should follow?  Like trimming the area if it's gotten pretty long?  Or is longer better?

I expect it to hurt like a mofo, but I've been curious about getting it done for a while now and I'd love to hear any tips or tricks anyone else might have for me.

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