Kristen (xx_socold_xx) wrote in vaginapagina,

When do you consider your period late?

So, since going off Yaz a few months ago, I still have regular periods, but I don't know *exactly* what day they come on anymore. I know that I am due to start any day now, but I don't know when, or if I might be late. In June, I started my period on the 5th and ended on the 10th. July, I started on the 6th and ended the 10th. A menstrual calculator app said I should have started the 5th of this month, but I haven't, and even though I know those aren't accurate, I'm beginning to get a little..nervous? 

I haven't really had any cramps like usual, either. I usually get some before I start. I guess I have a few very, very, VERY tiny ones, but nothing like usual. I don't have any pregnancy symptoms though. I have had sex multiple times last month/this month, but they were all with a condom and it was used correctly without any problems. Should I be worried? When should I start to be concerned and/or consider my period late? Thanks.
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