oceanhotel (oceanhotel) wrote in vaginapagina,

thin women pcos

I am 21 years old and I have always had periods that were unpredictable and never timely. I have also, always had heavy periods and I can probably count less than 10 periods in my life that have been longer than they should be. Two weeks ago, I finally got a pelvic ultrasound, hormone tests, and my first pap test. The ultrasound says it looks like I have pcos, which was shocking to me because I'm only around 100 lbs. I'm not hairy, or at least I don't consider myself to be. I'm half spanish and have some fine dark hairs above my lip and a fine line of hair down my tummy. I always thought that it was because I'm half spanish! I do not have bad acne, just a few blemishes here and there. My periods are no where near non-exsistant or scanty like the typical periods of women with pcos. They are 14-45 days apart and always heavy. I can count probably 5-6 periods that were actually normal and manageable.

Does anyone else have pcos and is very thin? There's not much fat on me, so I find this very odd. I thought maybe I had a fibroid, but not this! I find it hard to believe that I would have insulin resistance of any sort. The so-called "treatment" is yaz, but I really do not want to be on birth control pills. I have been on them many times in the past, only for a few months at a time. I'm scared of getting breast cancer down the line and I found out I had a fibroadenoma while on the pill once and had to have it taken out. I'm scared that the pill may have caused it. I have been wanting to try natural progesterone cream. Has anyone tried it? Any input would be very helpful on my situation.
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