thecoolbanana (thecoolbanana) wrote in vaginapagina,

Slightly Abnormal Pap Smear

On Tuesday I had my yearly pap done. A few hours before I got it done I masturbated, but with no vaginal insertion. The nurse called today and said 'The results came back slightlyyy abnormal and the doctor would like you to come in and have a talk'. Boy do I feel great.

I have had the Gardasil shot, I ALWAYS use protection (like it's my religion), no exceptions, and I'm on birth control. My period is due next week but I don't know if that will have anything to do with effecting the results. It's Friday at 4pm so I have to wait all weekend and until Tuesday to go in and chat. I'm stressing out hardcore and no one around me can offer me any comfort and/or support. Can anyone give me some input? I'm scared :(
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