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new sexual experiences and strange bleeding.

So, today at the beach (I know, totally unsanitary and gross) this guy and I hooked up. Well, I'm not really sure what to call it. He fingered me, I gave him a handjob and we sort of had sex but with our bathing suits on..? So it was like, over the clothes. He didn't ejaculate on me, and anyways, I'm on the pill so that's not what's worrying me. 

I'm worried about the fact that I'm now bleeding what appears to be period sludge. Y'know, the gross brownish stuff. My period stopped around Sunday or Monday, and I don't think that It started up again. So, was he too rough? I know for sure he scratched me, right above the urethra. I found this out when I got into the water and the salt was stinging like woahhh. Should I be worried? 

It was kind of an uncomfortable situation because I had to keep a lookout for people watching on the beach, and also he kept missing my clit :/

Also, I told him that I was not going to have penetrative sex with him. I'm not comfortable with it right now, and our relationship is very casual, just an end of the summer thing. We both leave for college in a week and I have no real expectations about furthering our relationship. 
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