Miss Awesome (in_the_eyes_of) wrote in vaginapagina,
Miss Awesome

Mirena help?

Backstory:  I've had my Mirena IUD a little over a year now. I was told that I should be able to feel the strings, I wasn't able to. I went back for my follow up, to make sure it was where it's supposed to be - everything was fine. I had a period for the first two months. After that it wasn't a regular thing and if I did have a period it was so light I didn't even have to wear tampons/use anything. By the fourth month, I didn't have a period at all... until now. I went 10 months without even the slightest bit of spotting. During that entire time, I was never able to feel the strings.

Issue: The other week, dudefriend and I were having sex.. He asked "what the hell is that?!" It was the first time that he felt the strings. Out of no where today, I started bleeding. Not spotting, but full on bleeding.. I'm wondering if maybe the Mirena has slipped and is causing this? I just cancelled my gyno appt a few weeks back. I'm going to call them tomorrow and see if they have any insight or if they can fit me in somewhere. Until then, I just figured that I would ask if anyone else has experienced this or...?
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