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Anonymous Post - Should I be worried about pregnancy?

Hello, fellow VPers! As you probably know, from time to time the VP Team makes posts on behalf of people who wish to remain anonymous or who do not have LJ accounts. This is one such post. Thank you in advance for your helpful comments. :)

For the VP Team

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Hi there..
I'm 20 years old, living at home but engaged. I've been sexually active for several years, but PIV intercourse is exceedingly rare for me. (I've done it maybe three times this year, total.) I'm not on HBC but we use withdrawl/condoms.

I'm probably freaking out over nothing but the past few days I've been feeling nausea for no apparent reason - I've tried tracking it but it seems to come whenever it feels like it. It makes me wonder about an incident maybe a month ago now, one of the rare times I had PIV. We used a condom with lube and there was no apparent breakage, no slipping off. He didn't withdraw that time. I had a period three weeks or so after, but it was slightly different to what I usually experience. It was slightly lighter than normal (though I fluctuate a bit - sometimes it's heavy, sometimes not so much) and I didn't experience the other symptoms like cramping to the same extent that I normally do, though that could be explained by all the painkillers I was taking. Fast forward to now and I'm due about a week... I'm not experiencing my usual cramping. Is there significant reason for me to be worried about this?

I know the chances of being pregnant are probably fairly low, but I've been hearing stories lately of women who have had 'periods' thoughout their pregnancies, and those stories coupled with random nausea has me worried. And kind of depressed. It doesn't seem like there's any real way to know if you're pregnant or not, unless you feel like stocking up on tests. I know it's an option to take a pregnancy test every month when you're on HBC for peace of mind, but I was hoping it wasn't something I had to consider until my menstrual cycle was influenced by HBC. (The first advice is to take a test, but I'm currently in a position where this isn't very easy. I'm working towards it, but I have... a very controlling parent and nearly all my actions are under supervision. It isn't an option for this parent to find out about my concerns.)

Thanks for any help.
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