kara jean (frankie4) wrote in vaginapagina,
kara jean

another question!

 The other day I posted about having unprotected sex and the risk of getting a STD/STI.  The responses I received were very helpful, thank you.  One of the posts said something along the lines of "since we were in contact with each others bodily fluids..." and I just was wondering that if a man has an unknown (or known) infection is it only passed to the women if he ejaculates inside? If he pulls out would it not be passed on? Thanks

I want to thank everyone for the comments that they left--they were all very helpful.  I talked to him last night about it and he said he will call his doctor and get tested so I am more comfortable.  Do the doctors usually test for all potential STDs or just certain ones so does he have to make sure they test for all of them?
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