nomad____ (nomad____) wrote in vaginapagina,

Lo estrin fe 24, switching pill time

Hello yall this is my first month ever taking a pill birth control and I started taking it at 8pm but it really zaps my appetite, and I like to eat at night and I would rather take it earlier in the day because thats when I tend to binge so itd work out if my appetite was lessened then.

Is there anyway I can change my pill taking time from 8pm to 1pm from now on without effecting the effectiveness??

Also, has anyone else had their appetites completely eliminated with a pill birth control?? I was on the patch which I was always tummy grumbling on, but now I am like amazed, I am usually ALWAYS hungry... this is so... fabulous really except I don't want to eat dinner ever and I wake up really hungry!

Thanks sexies
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