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Hymen remains hurtin', gynecologist confusing, high sugar diet causing vaginal rebellion?... help!

Apologies in advance if this is a little confusing. Confused pussy = confused post.

A) Hymenal Tags: I had never noticed mine before (and I'm by no mean unfamiliar with my vagina. We are very very well acquainted). Apparently I have at least one (or something), right at the bottom left of my vaginal opening. I only did notice it when sex with my boyfriend started to hurt, lo and behold, right at my vaginal opening. It started about 2 months ago and has been getting worse. When we took a look down there, it looked almost like my vagina was closing, the opening was so swollen. The one area that was most tender was what I believe to be a Hymenal Tag.

Questions: Should the "tag" feel like cartilage? This tag seemed to get harder while it was swollen. It's calmed down a lot now, but it still feels cartilage-y, unlike all the other tissue around it.
And is it common for tags to be sensitive, or cause irritation during sex? This has never been a problem for me before, but this boy and I are having a lot more sex than I have in past relationships.

B) I went to a gynecologist clinic for aforementioned swelling/pain to see what was up. This, somehow, made the situation infinitely more confusing. The doctor said that it probably wasn't an STD (and tested/pap smeared), swabbed the inside of my vagina, and microscoped the swab. This apparently confirmed that I had an "overgrowth" of normally "healthy" bacteria in my vagina caused by... my high sugar diet? (I am guilty of much sugar consumption, but I've never heard of anything like this before).

She prescribed me a intravaginal antibiotic gel and Diflucan ("just in case"), but said that those were only temporary solutions and in order to actually fix the problem I'd have to cut ALL sugar (including natural sugars in fruits, etc), carbs, and starchy vegetables out of my diet, as well as take a supplement called Gynovite.

So here's what was fishy:
1. Looked into Gynovite. It's nearly impossible to find, and it's labeled as a post-menopausal dietary supplement. I'm 21, very pre-menopausal. She made it sound like if I didn't take this supplement, my vagina was doomed to bacteria overgrowth galore, though she failed to explain exactly how this would help or why I needed post-menopausal vitamins.

2. I've never heard of a doctor so causally insisting that a patient radically change their diet with out some sort of plan to do so or reference to a nutritionist (granted this was a free clinic, but still). It strikes me as incredibly unhealthy to completely remove carbs from your diet abruptly, and like the gynovite, she didn't make it exactly clear how this was going to fix my bacteria issue.

Questions: Has anyone here heard of/been recommended Gynovite? Why?
Anyone heard of this correlation between a high sugar diet and vaginal disruptions/bacterial overgrowth? Any links/info/anything at all would be helpful (yes, I googled. a lot). Is it really advisable for me to cut all of those things out of my diet completely, or is there a healthier way to go about keeping my vagina happy.

I finished the course of antibiotics, took the diflucan, and followed the diet for a few days until I started feeling light headed and tired and decided that I wasn't going to commit to this until I got another opinion. Which I'm working on, but being poor and uninsured is making it difficult, so I figured I'd get a few thoughts from VP while I look around.

Sorry for the epic post. Any help will be appreciated
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