wild_rais (wild_rais) wrote in vaginapagina,

Doctor's appointments?

I am currently without any health insurance and unemployed. That being said I think, rather, I know that I have BV accompanied by a yeast infection. I know this because I have the same symptoms that I've before- white/grayish discharge, fishy smell only after intercourse. My partner never mentions it, but I smell it. Sometimes it burns and itches a little. But not all the time. I want to see a doctor to get it cleared up, however planned parenthood expects payment upon service, which I definitely don't have. I currently reside in Colorado Springs. In Maryland before I guess everyone took advantage of the system, you could just visit the health department for free and get a check up and also get free birth control pills. I just wanted to know if anyone knows of that kind of service in Colorado or if anyone has any suggestions as to how to take care of this little problem that's becoming more of a problem everyday that I have it. Thanks in advance.
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