neek_love (neek_love) wrote in vaginapagina,

Vagina & Cervix Qs!

Hi VPers!

I have a few vagina-related questions! Under a cut in case anyone from my flist would rather not know about my bits!

So! I had a sit down with a hand mirror and my vagina the other day. Can't believe I haven't done it before! It was very interesting, but I noticed that my inner labia, while nice and pink at the top, fade to an almost brown colour near the edges. Having not looked this closely before I'm not sure if they've always been that way. Just wondering if that's unusual, I guess.

Now, this whole expedition began because I'm considering getting a menstrual cup and am trying to track down my cervix before I order a size. This is proving harder than I thought! I can feel only one distinct 'bump' and that's right at my entrance, my finger has to pass it. I'm fairly certain that's not it! I know it's possible that's it's just so far up I can't reach it...I guess I'm looking for reassurance that I'd know it if I found it?

Thanks in advance!
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