Tara (mykissmightkill) wrote in vaginapagina,

friend's missing period

Hi there!
I have a friend who says she used to have basically regular periods and is no longer on BC and has been long enough off it that it should not be the cause of the problems. Now, she has told me she had a period, missed it for 2 months and then had a period and missed it for another 2 months and I believe she still hasn't had it so it is going on 3 now. She has taken pregnancy tests, all negative, and been to PP when she missed the first period and they told her just to wait it out for for the first missed one. She has mentioned she sometimes feels like she is going to get her period with PMS/crampy symptoms but then doesn't get it. Shes is starting to get really worried that something is seriously wrong with her body or that she can't have kids now.

Can you VPers give me some suggestions of things that she could test for or that might be wrong? I've mentioned, hormones and (I'm not sure if this is right) thyroid? possibly? She is nervous about going to a doctor because of her fear that something horrible is wrong even though I've tried to tell her that her body just might be re-adjusting to a new schedule. I am still urging her to see a gyn. though she keeps procrastinating it.

thanks for any help you can give me!
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