lauren (lauren10) wrote in vaginapagina,

super weird period. do i need to go the dr?

I am 29, no birth control, married. I normally have super regular cycles. Like start on the same date, at the same time on the dot cycles.
In May I had my regular cycle.
In June I was 8 days late...with several negative HPTs (LOL)
then about 18 days later I started again..two full periods in one month.
now in July i only had spotting 5 days after my period was due to start. it has been brown and black and never heavy enough to fill even a regular tampon. i had a little red blood but not enough to convince me that this was a period. the entire week I have had weird achey cramps that almost feel like bad gas pains...different than menstrual cramps, super tired and achey. I took HPTs on the second and third day i was late and both were negative.
So my questions are:
Do i count this as a period?
If so would the day i count as the first day be when I started spotting?
Is my cycle behaving in a normal way or this is cause for concern and i need to go to the ob?
Help! thanks in advance ladies!
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