B (mrsbenglish) wrote in vaginapagina,

Cold Sores, maybe?

I feel like this relates to sexual health, at least a little bit.  If not mods, please delete, I just don't know where else to ask.

Is it possible to have something that looks EXACTLY like a cold sore, on your lip, NOT be a cold sore?

I've gotten this once before, and it went away over night.  I got it again, and it's still here but almost gone (within 48 hours). The first time, the area turned into chapped lip.

This time It's a small patch of blisters on my lower lip, it is itchy,  after the first few hours another blister popped up on my upper lip right above the first spot, but not a patch, just a single small blister.
This thing is now dry, like chapped lips, still itchy, but not weepy or open or sore... just itchy. It's also the color of my lip, not more red, not white, just...lip colored. 

Is this normal for a cold sore? Could this be some other sort of medical condition? An allergic reaction to something possibly?

I have never in my 25 years, before these instances, had a cold sore.

Any info or advice?  Or should I just come to terms with having had a cold sore?
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