honest_whisper (honest_whisper) wrote in vaginapagina,

Period No-show

My last period began around June 8th and was unremarkable. Since then I haven't had another. My cycle often seems to be slightly long but is normally around 30 days and never more than 35. I came off HBC in November and have had regular periods since then.

Since my last period I had piv sex using only withdrawal for protection so when I was late, my first thought was pregnancy. However, I have taken 2 pregnancy tests (one today, one last week) and the results were negative both times (using first morning urine and following precisely instructions on immersion and waiting times).

I know that reasons such as stress can affect your cycle and in June I graduated and started jobhunting but I haven't been feeling at all consciously stressed about it.

My main fear is that I am pregnant despite the negative results. Is it possible for it to be too late for a hpt to work? Would a blood test be more accurate?

Essentially, should I wait any longer / take any more hpts before going to ask my doctor's advice?
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