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Pelvic Floor Yoga 10.1: Miscellaneous Squat Edition

This post is less asana discussion (though some are variations of asanas and others are exercises you can try if you're having particular problems with some squat-type asanas). It's also less analysis, more sharing of video resources that I thought were pretty nifty but that maybe didn't tie in so directly to any single named asana.

Quick background for folks who may not have read earlier posts on this topic: Why are we talking about squats, anyway? What do they have to do with the pelvic floor?

Briefly, there are any number of instances in life that can tilt the pelvis out of its neutral position and/or cause shortening of the pelvic floor muscles. Examples include but are not limited to: sofas and chairs that encourage sitting on the tailbone, straining to poo, and sexual trauma. Squats strengthen the gluteal muscles, which in turn create a posterior pull on the sacrum. This tilts the pelvis back into its neutral position, allowing the pelvic floor muscles to lengthen and elasticize.

First, a safety-type video, for if you are having problems keeping your weight back and/or keeping your knees from coming forward of your toes. Because squatting without hurting your knees is critical, not just a fun bonus feature:

And you don't have to use an actual medicine ball with the above exercise. Anything of that general size will do: a mixing bowl, a Harry Potter novel, a small dog.**

The next few are squat variations I found in a prenatal series. However, you don't have to be pregnant for these exercises to benefit you. The first, the mountain squat flow, incorporates the alignment tip from the previous video:

Basically, moving your arms forward can help move your hips back during the squat, making sure your thigh and torso weight is coming back to your hips and not being carried mostly by your knees. For a squat that's higher (so, possibly less intense for glutes, hips, or thighs) and that allows for arm support, this campers pose may work well:

Also a sliding squat that uses a wall for support:

Finally, just for fun, a compilation of unusual squat variations. Some of these I can do, and some cause a large degree of ass falling, but they are amusing to watch and/or try:

Happy squatting!

** No small dogs were harmed in the testing of my hypothesis. She loved every minute of it, I swear. O:)
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