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Possible BV? Again "/

My vagina and I are not the best of friends.  It's always giving me shit.  Thank you, Shinya, my lovely woman-equipment.

I am prone to all sorts of infections; UTIs, BV, YI-- all of that wonderful, womanly stuff that we get to deal with.

I've had BV multiple times.    The first time I fessed up to my doctor that I suspected that I didn't just have another UTI, was last year.  I had been having the whole stinging, nasty-smelling, uncomfortably damp, irritating deal for roughly a year, before I got it treated.

I had it a couple of other times, or maybe it was another long stretch of it-- who knows? 

During this time, I did the tampon, soaked in peroxide, thing. 
It seemed to help, or at least scorch Shinya to the miserable point of feeling totally changed from what the BV feels like.

I thought I was in the clear. 
Then, I had a bit of a yeast infection, but I was thrilled to have that, for a change.  I treated it and all was well.

Around a week ago, I started having some stinging and discomfort, after I urinated.  I started trying to remedy a UTI, but there's not a whole lot changed.

My discharge went from clearish to whitish and slightly chunky, and I got frustrated and tried using a yeast infection treatment, thinking that it could maybe be that.  Maybe I hadn't gotten it, like I thought.  Nothing changed, for the better. 

I finally caved, two nights ago, and used the tampon and peroxide, which I held off on, because it stings a lot, at first.  I removed it, in the morning, and hoped that it was all good.

Now, my discharge is just this yellowish mess that is just pissing me off.  It's visibly yellow; on my fingers, on toilet tissue.  However, it doesn't have much of a scent-- none that I can pick up on, though.

So, long story...
Does it sound like I have BV, again?
If so, does anyone have something less painful than the peroxide for me to treat with?

I don't particularly care for the pills I had to take and I'm not in much of a position to pay a visit to the doctor.  If I could, I would deal with the pills, to get rid of this stupid shit.

Shinya?  I'd like to be on good terms with her. 
If she would stay healthy for me, darn it.
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