oceanhotel (oceanhotel) wrote in vaginapagina,

BV still?

So during my first pap which was last Friday. My gyno said I had BV. Which I thought 'horray, maybe that is what's wrong with me!' I have been on so many different antibiotics within the last few months, probably about 5 for ear infections, uti's, etc. I had 2 uti's and after the last, I did not feel better. I still felt some sort of urgency and weird tenderness, almost like pain down below and discharge that I thought was urine because when I had my uti, I had backflow. (I never knew you could ever have that with a uti at the time, so that was scary, I thought what was wrong with me, and it was a uti. Anyways, I took metronidazole and the discharge has pretty much gone away but I still feel swollen and I get weird feelings down near my pelvic bone. I do not have a uti, they tested it at the gyno's and had it sent away to see if there would be any growth and there was no growth. I have never had sex, btw. I have started taking acidophilus capsules everyday and I'm trying to air everything out and wear cotton underwear and at home no underwear to let things breathe, as I know down there gets to breathe on me. Any advice please?
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