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Abnormal smear, colposcopy, still concerned =(

Hi VPers, some of you might remember my last post about this.


If you don't, basically this is the story. I'm 22 and in the UK, therefore not entitled to a smear on the NHS for another 3 years. I wasn't happy with this so went and got a smear done in a private clinic for a fee. I found out back in April 2010 that I had mild abnormal cells. They recommended I come back for a repeat smear in July and last week I found out that I now have mild/moderate abnormal cells. They recommended I have a colposcopy. To have one privately at that clinic would cost £900, which is money I simply don't have as a graduate looking for work. They said I would be entitled to have one for free on the NHS based on my results.


I took a copy of my results and a letter from the private clinic to my GP, who basically said she'd never seen a letter like this before from someone under 25 who had gone private. She has faxed a copy of my results and letter to the local colposcopy clinic and told me to wait and see if I hear back from them within a week. If they deny my right to a colposcopy just because I'm under 25 surely that is negligence?! I'm worried they're going to tell me to come back in 6 months for another smear on the NHS or some such (My GP told me this is a possibility) and by then I will have progressed to a worse stage!?

I've been looking at other symptoms for actual cervical cancer and I always find 'abnormal bleeding' and 'pain during sex' are listed. Well what sort of pain? I have been suffering slight pain on entry, although I do have a small superficial cut on the edge of my opening. Surely this cut and my cervix are not related? My boyfriend said the pain they are referring to as a symptom is probably deep, severe pain. Is this correct? And occasionally I do bleed very slightly, but again - we think this is from the cut. The bleeding on the symptoms sites must mean heavier bleeding from the cervix surely?


I'm just really irrationally scared. I've been losing sleep over this and actually had time off work due to stress! I guess it's because I don't really understand what's going on. All I know is that I'm terrified that whenever I finally get this colposcopy they will either say I have cancer or they will perform a treatment that will stop me having kids in the future.

Any information or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you

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