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Birth Control and Insomnia

Hey Ladies,

I have a quick, 3 am question. I've read a lot about birth control causing insomnia, but I'm curious if could work the other way too. Could birth control help with insomnia for some people?

I've always had difficulty falling asleep. I was on birth control for two and a half years, starting in December of 2007, and just went off of it about...5 months ago. While I was on birth control I rarely if ever had trouble falling asleep. I NEVER had up-all-nighters where I never was able to fall asleep all night (except once when I was extremely jet lagged from a trip coming back from Japan). But since I've gone off, I've had several up-all-nighters and many nights where I just tossed and turned unable to fall asleep for hours.

Insomnia is so frustrating. I went off of the pill due to vulvar vestibulitis (wanted to see if it would help with the condition, which it didn't) and due to this I'm thinking of just saying to heck with it and getting back on.

Anyone have any thoughts/experience with this?
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