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Sex difficulties and LDR

 Hey all. I just want to start by saying I'm a long time reader and really love this community. I've been reading through since my mid-early teens and it's really aided immensely in raising my self esteem and accepting my body and sexuality.
Anyway, I know there's a few very old posts about having difficulties with sex but this situation is a little different than the ones posted previously. I'm currently in a LDR with a guy who I'll be seeing in a week. I'd really like to be able to have sex once I finally get back, but we've had difficulties in the past. I'm not a virgin and have had a few sexual partners before him. It had been a while before I slept with anyone before him, however we've tried on multiple occasions to have sex and it just isn't working.

 Some of the time he just can't get in more than just the tip, but he can get a few fingers in with minimal difficulty. I don't think lube is the issue because I'm very wet, almost to the point of being too much so. Even when he does get in, if we try to change positions at all or increase the intensity, he slides out. He's a little smaller than some of the guys I've had sex with, but when fully hard he's at least average and I'm fairly tight anyway. As I said, he can get a few fingers in without a problem most of the time, and there's always plenty of foreplay before we attempt, so I always feel ready and relaxed. It's very aggravating, though I really enjoy all the other things we do, I'd really like for this to work once we're together after being apart for weeks. The only position we've had any sort of luck in was when I was on top, but he has difficulty staying hard enough for penetration in this position. Any advice on positions or techniques to help this happen?
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